Guided Bird Hunts

11/13/2010- Guided a pheasant hunt at Clover Hollow Hunting Preserve in Slatington, PA for Joe Ursta ( center), and 2 of his clients. These 3 gentlemen were a lot of fun, and also could shoot getting 6 out of 7 birds. Dogs used that day were Kandi( left), Ice ( right), Miami & Camo ( not pictured). Again thanks to these gentlemen, and Clover Hollow for the great day.  

Pheasant Hunt  11/27/2010       http://www.cloverhollowhunting.com/

We all had a great time at Clover Hollow Hunting Preserve on this pheasant hunt. Dogs and hunters really worked hard this day because it was very windy, and birds were really running. Doga used this day were Ice and his son Camo.

Chuckar Hunt

Guided two chuckar hunts at Wild Wings Shooting Preserve. Dogs used this day were Kandi & Camo. Again Camo is only 7 months old and holding steady points on his birds, and retrieving to my hand.


Pheasant Hunt on 12/ 3/ 2010    http://www.bittnerswildwings.com/

Storm( solid liver shorthair), Kandi, and I worked a pheasant hunt at Wild Wings Shooting Preserve). It was a great day with these gentlemen from New York. Dogs did a great job pointing & retrieving all 15 birds that were  shot.  

Pheasant Hunt at Wild Wings Shooting Preserve. 12/13/2010 http://www.bittnerswildwings.com/

Guided pheasant hunt at Wild Wings Shootin g Preserve. Dogs used this day were Kandi who is pictured, Storm, & Benelli. These 3 guys did a great job shooting going 15 out of 16 birds.

 Pheasant & Chuckar Hunt at Wild Wings.

.Storm on point during pheasant hunt.

12/27/2010 Chuckar Hunt @ wild wings shooting preserve. www.bittnerswildwings.com

Camo at 9 months of age being used as a guide dog.

 Chuckar Hunt at wild wings shooting preserve ( Camo was guide dog used)

Pheasant Hunt at Wild Wings Shooting Preserve

Rob, Billy and I had a great hunting experience at Wild Wings.You and Larry are two guys we will remember.But lets not forget RUGGER the star of the show. Hope to hunt again at Wild Wings and see you guys again.Had a great time. best wishes Bill and Billy

Clover Hollow Pheasant Hunt 3/17/2011


  3/17/2011 Pheasant Hunt at Clover Hollow hunting Preserve. What a beautiful day for a hunt. This group of guys were really fun to guide and could also shoot. 12 for 13 birds. Dogs used this day were Camo (11 months old to left) Miami (pictured below), Ruger, and Benelli. Below is 2 videos of Benelli pointing & retrieving a pheasant.

Clover Hollow Pheasant Hunt 3/18/2011

  Pheasant hunt at Clover Hollow Hunting Preserve. Dogs used to guide were Kandi pictured below, Storm, Camo, And Miami. On the left are 2 videos 1 of Kandi ( 1st video), and Miami 2nd video). These 3 guys were 12 for 14 birds. At least two of the guys in this group could shoot.LOL. Great Day!!!!

Pheasant & Chuckar Hunt at Wild Wings Shooting Preserve 3/26/2011

  What a gorgeous day for a hunt, with a great group of guys . I think these guys were  like 44 for 50 on shooting birds. But the best part of the day was when Shawn shot the white rooster( aka a chicken LOL). Again great day, great group, just a great day. Dogs used to guide were Storm, Miami, Camo. The video clip is of Camo( my 11 month old pup) pointing & retrieving, using him as a guide dog.

Wild Wing's Pheasant Hunt with Kandi & her 1 puppy Brandy.

 Above is 2 pictures of a pheasant hunt I guided with Kandi. The solid liver shorthair is a picture of 1 of Kandi's puppies, Brandy who is about 6 months old. It was amazing to see this little girl holding point on pheasants already at 6 months of age. Kandi & Duke did a fine job of passing on their instinctive hunting traits.