Quotes Good Evening: I just wanted you to know that my companion, Greta is a year and a half now and she has turned out to be an awesome service dog. We have graduated from basic obedience and canine good citizen very quickly as she is super smart. She is a healthy sixty pounds and is a fantastic pointer. There is a lot to be said for instinct! In any event, even though there is still a good bit of a playful puppy inside of her, she knows when she is "working." She is awesome in public places such as restaurants, banks, etc. I would love for her to go on a hunt if possible. I know she would be intensely excited about that prospect. I believe her father is Ryder and her Mother is Skyler. At the end of the day, Greta is the best pointer I have ever owned as she is affectionate, easily trained, healthy and has an abundance of friendliness to share. We could not be happier. Thank you for creating such a beautiful dog as she has enriched my life immensely. Gratefully Yours, Sandy and Greta Quotes
Sandy Clevenstine
Wonderful GSP - Greta

Quotes Let me tell you rob knowes his dogs. Everything about jesse was spot on when I got him. NO funny suprises, NO gimmics. If I dont pull jesse out of the feild that boy will hunt unit he is dead. All I can say is thank you for your knowledege and your honesty over the phone. I will looking to pick up anouther GSP soon and I know where I will go. P.S Jesse said HI Quotes
MIke letcher
Jesse GSP

Quotes Happy Birthday to Sadie and all her brothers and sisters. I am very pleased with my little girl and have been hunting over her for the past few months and am very pleased with her performance . Rob and family are the best. They not only breed they care. Kudos to Rob and family. Obviously great people breed great dogs. Thank you Rob and Family MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR Quotes
Bill Neuman

Quotes We just bought a puppy from Rob and all i can say is what a great guy and great dogs. His dogs are top of the line and will make great hunters. We brought RJ (renamed Toby) home and at 8 weeks he already points at a fake pheasant with some scent. I cant wait to get him hunting and also will be a key part of our Dock Dogs team. Quotes
Brian Faust
Great Dogs

Quotes Hi We just wanted to check in and tell you how much we love Chicory. First of all she is beautiful. People always stop and stare as she passes. I have attached a picture of her. We think she looks very much like her mom. As for her personality..... Well, she couldn't be any better. She is loving, smart, full of energy but so so anxious to please us!!!! She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. I have never even heard her growl. She thinks she's a lap dog... And we agree. Haha She has begun training. She can sit, heel, down and stay. She is a hunter too, although that's all of her own doing. She has brought us a bird and two moles. Yuck!! She is so funny to watch as she sits under a tree and stares up trying to figure out how to get those birds. We feel so lucky to have her as part of our family. Thank you Rose and Michael Stallmeyer. Quotes
Rose and Michael Stallmeyer
Chicory( Ryder & Sky pup)

Quotes Got Weatherby last July from Rob. He is doing great! Great nose for the birds and very good tracker as well. Great with kids and his loved by everyone in the neighborhood. Thanks a million! Quotes
Joe McGovern

Quotes Rob, Chris, Will, Michelle Maggie just loves her new home and she is doing well and espeically doing well with the potty aspect has not messed in the house at all. 1st night home at bedtime was a little rough but all in all she is doing great and is my son's new best friend she just loves Alex I want to say thank you so much to you all for breeding such wonderful puppies she has a great temperment and I am sure that will continue with her. We love her to death and Alex has spoiled her so bad already ha ha We will send pictures soon Thanksa again The Maley family & Maggie Mae Quotes

Quotes Suzy is a Joy in the Field and at Home. She is playful and Gentle with our 3 year old and our 2.5pound wifes taco dogs....they are great too but Suzy is the best. Thank you Rob and your Family The Flora Family OC NJ Quotes
Marc and Thanh Flora
Healthy and Hunting

Quotes Hi Rob - Hope all is well. Just wanted to share some recent pics of Sachi. Everyone that has met her always mentions what a beautiful dog she is. She completed a puppy class (youngest in class) and we are taking the 2nd level again youngest and she is just so intelligent. We couldn't be more pleased with her. We last weighed her at approx 24lbs. Hope all is well. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday!!! Margaux/Dale Quotes
Margaux / Dale

Quotes We took Moose to the vet today for his year check up. The vet said he is doing great. He weighs 47 lbs and is in great shape. They said he is one of the best gsp's they have ever seen. He was very well behaved and isn't aggressive at all. Overall it was a great checkup. He is a good boy! Jen Quotes
Moose( Ice & Remi puppy)